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The orientation and choice of its future establishment have never been so "social".

A student does not enroll in a school or university without having sought prior student or student advice.

With Avis Diplomeo, we wanted to help schools to have a unique opinion management platform that allows them to avoid having to deal with diffuse opinions on interwebs. Thanks to Avis Diplomeo, students now have a reference mark to be able to consult and file opinions on Higher Education Institutions.

The purpose of the platform is to gather authenticated opinions and help schools make these opinions visible to prospective prospects.


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Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in collecting opinions from your alumni or current students

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87% recommandation
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  • Rémy *

    Une formation qui apporte des connaissances pratiques, une vision globale des RH et un savoir êtr...

  • Justine *

    Je recommande SupdesRH pour tous les étudiants intéressés par le métier des Ressources Humaines !...

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